Cambodia's No.1 Bus Ticketing and SaaS Platform

BookMeBus is the leading bus ticketing system in Cambodia, and one of Cambodia's most successful start-ups. BookMeBus provides SaaS management software to bus operators and is revolutionising the bus system in Cambodia much like mmbusticket did for Myanmar.


Myanmar's 1st Online Education Platform

Dedaa provides online courses in the Myanmar language at affordable prices.

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Myanmar's No.1 Food Delivery Platform

Door2Door is Myanmar's first and leading online & mobile food-ordering company dedicated to bringing Myanmar's best restaurants to its customers doorstep.  Door2Door began in Yangon and has since expanded to Mandalay, Naypyidaw, and Bagan.


Myanmar's No.1 Financial Data Platform

ThitsaWorks partners with banks, non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), and microfinance institutions (MFIs) to collect, manage, and analyze the data needed for operational and risk management.  As of Q3 2020, ThitsaWorks' platform manages the financial data for approximately half of the total number of MFI borrowers in Myanmar.



Myanmar's No.1 O2O Platform

Get is an O2O omni-channel technology company that empowers micro-entrepreneurs via a suite of products and services: from payment-handling to mobile top-ups to bus ticketing.  In 2020, Get acquired Daung Capital, which uses a tech-based platform to provide loans for rent-to-own motorcycles and tuk-tuks to its unbanked customers.



Myanmar's No.1 Bus Ticketing and SaaS Platform

Mmbusticket sells inter-city bus tickets between 110 cities in Myanmar, and also provides bus-line owners with a cloud- based SaaS system for real-time ticketing and bus management. The company changed Myanmar's bus industry from paper-based to paper-less in 3 short years.


Bangaldesh's 1st Cloud Kitchen

Kludio is a full-stack food delivery platform that leverages cloud kitchens and tech-driven logistics to bring the entire F&B value chain together.  Kludio aims to create a network of asset-light rent-to-hire kitchens and a fully elastic logistics fleet to enable fast, affordable, and hyperlocal delivery.


Vietnam's 1st Early Wage Access Platform

Nano provides an early-wage access platform, allowing people to take low-cost small loans collateralized by their earned monthly income. Nano aims to deliver inclusive financial wellness solutions for millions of Vietnamese, and empower companies to care for and engage their employees.


Vietnam's 1st AI-enabled tutoring platform for underserved students

Through a dual-teacher method to boost student engagement, and an AI recommendation engine to standardize lesson quality, Clevai provides affordable and high-quality tutoring services for K-12 students in Vietnam, with plans to expand into Thailand and Myanmar.



Myanmar's No.1 OTA

Flymya is Myanmar's largest online travel agent (OTA). It currently offers the widest selection of flight and bus tickets, and the largest number of tour packages, in Myanmar.  Flymya acquired cloud-based hotel reservation software and channel manager, switch.cm, and online travel information portal, go-myanmar.com, in 2018 and 2019, respectively.


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