BOD Tech Ventures is an early-stage investor and operator of tech-enabled companies in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Cambodia within logistics, travel, finance, education, micro-retail, and omni-channel e-commerce.​

Since its founding in 2016, BOD Tech's investments have grown into several of Myanmar's largest technology assets,  largest online travel agency (Flymya), largest O2O platform (Get), largest food delivery company (YangonD2D), and largest bus ticketing platform (mmbusticket). BOD has also invested in Myanmar’s first fully tech-based vehicle financing company (Daung). In Cambodia, BOD Tech has invested in that country's largest bus ticketing platform (BookMeBus).  In Bangladesh, BOD Tech has invested in that country's first cloud kitchen (Kludio).  In Vietnam, BOD Tech has invested in that country's first early wage access platform (Nano).

These markets are fast-growing and complicated - socially, politically, logistically, and technologically - and we are proud to have invested in (and when needed, built ourselves), many of this region's most successful tech companies.

BOD Tech Ventures is 100% owned and operated by its Partners.

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